It’s finally here,
Girls With Grit: The Network

A strong referral network isn’t just a want – it’s a NEED.

We’re here to help connect the best with the best. Your charisma, combined with a tribe of other real estate besties who run similar businesses will have you closing more referrals and making more money! Period. 

What If...

it were Easy
Saving you time.
it were Reliable
Saving your reputation.
your referrals were Aligned
Dream team style.
your referrals were Trained
So you both make money, honey.

BONUS: What if business came to YOU all because you’re listed as a part of this tight-knit referral crew?

Not Just Any Referral:
Vibin’ with your Tribe

Just because they have a real estate license and they live in the city where you need a referral doesn’t mean they earned the biz. How many times have you seen the fan clubs on Facebook and turns out that agent sells 2 hours away! You want someone who thinks like you, works as hard as you do and will take care of your peeps the way you want them to! And actually serves the area you need! It’s not always easy to find that.

Here’s where it’s been a big pain for you

Facebook groups are
Messy and Unorganized

You start a post and it gets lost. Or people tag someone who has no contact info on their Facebook page. You reach out, you try to send a DM but they miss your message because you aren’t “friends” Annoying.

Facebook groups are
Not Always Reliable

 It’s completely unhelpful to have people referring people they don’t even know! Reputation is like confetti..once it’s thrown out, it’s hard to gather up. A bad referral is a mess of a clean up. It’s makes you look bad and truth be told it’s loss of income AND opportunity. 

Brokerage referrals are
Not Consistent

Look, we’ve all experienced it ourselves. Just because we’re affiliated with a particular brokerage, doesn’t mean they train us to do business well! This is the wild west and everyone knows it. You want to connect to agents that SELL and SERVE and a high level. 

Other online networks feel
Like Strangers

The vibe of a tribe is 100% important. Working with ‘your people’ is hard to find in cold, generic networks. We do things differently in Girls With Grit. 

Let’s break it down, sis.
Here’s how it will go.

Lauren has a client selling their house in Charlotte and looking to buy a house in Montana. Lauren has never even BEEN to Montana let alone does she know any realtors personally out there. Lauren hops into the GWG Referral Network and searches for a realtor in Montana. Ally pops up and guess who left Ally a glowing review? Tara did! Lauren has worked with Tara multiple times and loves working with her.  Lauren also sees that Ally has done Elite Coaching with GWG and is a Monthly Momentum member. She sees that she has 13 years of experience and that she’s won awards with her brokerage multiple times. Guess who Lauren’s calling? Ally. She sends a message directly through the network site. Ally replies instantly with a phone call. 5 minutes to a Fab Collab. It’s a win-win-win for Lauren, Ally and their client!

Start building your Own GWG Network now.

Free Membership

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Standard Membership

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Premium Membership

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  • Ability To Search The Network
  • Create Your Own Referral Network
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